Programmed To Kill: Dengue Fever

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Programmed To Kill is an original documentary series that looks at how and why disease-causing organisms harm us. Co-developed by local producer Code Computer Design Sdn Bhd and HISTORY, the series examines microorganisms through the diseases they inflict and how they are programmed to kill.

Filmed in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos and Australia the series kicks-off with two major diseases that are currently creating havoc in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia – Dengue Fever and Melioidosis.

Each episode starts by taking a closer look at a disease and the pathogen that causes it, as well as the disease’s history. Then, experts reveal the way these microorganisms’ cunning adaptability helps them survive their harsh environments – the human body – and in the process, cause pain and suffering.

Dengue threatens half the world’s population; across Asia and Central and South America, and has reappeared in Japan after 60 years. Every year, 390 million people fall ill from this infectious viral disease, transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. And, about two million get the more deadly form – Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF).

It is the most rapidly spreading and prevalent mosquito-borne viral disease in the world and a major international public health concern. Taking an in-depth look at the disease and its history, Programmed To Kill: Dengue Fever unlocks the secrets as to why dengue is extremely difficult to treat and manage, and how the virus returns with a vengeance if survivors are re-infected.

Programmed To Kill premieres Sunday, 29 May at 10pm and Sunday, 5 June at 10pm on History (Astro Ch555 and Astro B.Yond 575 HD)

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