Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

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Warner Bros has finally given fans a first proper look at Wonder Woman 1984, the follow-up to the smash hit from 2017. Gal Gadot returns to portray the titular superhero, which is set 70 years after the events of the first film.

From what we can assess from the new trailer, it seems the Amazon warrior has not only got new armour but also new powers, with the ability to lasso lightning.  In terms of action, it pretty much follows script with Wonder Woman being able to deflect bullets and also Kung-Fu kick the bad guys to oblivion.

Joining her on this new adventure is Kristen Wiig who is taking on the mantle of the Cheetah and Pedro Pascal, who will portray Max Lord. Both characters are set to be the film’s baddies for the sequel.

Patty Jenkins returns to direct Wonder Woman 1984, and she’s also brought along Chris Pine for the ride. We’re curious to see what role he will play in this one and how the filmmaker will explain the return of Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives in cinemas in June 2020.

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