Which Siren Character Are You?

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Blue Ant Entertainment brings a fun personality quiz for fans to know which Siren characters they resemble.

Now with only a few episodes remaining and with events keep getting exciting and heart-pounding on Siren Season 2, this new fun quiz for Siren fans, will no doubt break the ice from the excruciating days they have to endure, as they wait on the next episodes wondering what happens next.

The fun quiz from Blue Ant Entertainment features varied results from main and supporting characters that make the show’s plot engaging in their own ways.

Curious on who among these Siren characters you might be? Well, the good news is that it takes less than a minute to find out. Visit PlayBuzz.com and take the quiz.

Share the fun with your friends and family and tag Blue Ant Entertainment as you share the results!

Fresh episodes of Siren Season 2, airs express from the U.S. every Sunday, 7:55pm only on Blue Ant Entertainment (Unifi TV Ch 473).

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