Warner Bros Cancels Upcoming DC Spinoff Projects

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It looks like Warner Bros is streamlining its slate of DC projects with news that The Trench and New Gods have been canned. The timing is indeed weird following the stellar reception of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Perhaps this is a way for Warner Bros. to further distance itself away from the Snyderverse, which will no longer continue. The Trench was a spinoff project spearheaded by James Wan that would have focused on the monstrous ocean dwelling creatures introduced in Aquaman.

The New Gods project was supposed to introduce characters such as Big Barda and Highfather along with Darkseid. The movie adapted from the works of Jack Kirby was being helmed by Ava DuVernay. The director shared the disappointing news in a recent Tweet.

So, what is to come off the DCEU? Well, with The Trench and New Gods officially shelved, the focus will likely be on course correcting Warner Bros’ superhero universe. The Aquaman spinoff may be off the books, but the sequel is not with James Wan returning to direct Aquaman 2.

Other DC projects in the pipeline include Matt Reeves’ Batman and The Flash standalone movie by Andy Muschietti.

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