Timeless Gets Cancelled

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Fans of Timeless will have to brace themselves for some disappointment as NBC has cancelled the time-travel series. But there is a bright side to this story as the network is reportedly looking to tie-up the series’ loose ends with a TV movie finale instead.

Timeless has been a lukewarm hit for NBC. Although not killing it with ratings, it has still garnered a sizeable amount of fans. The network previously cancelled the series but a fan petition managed to revive the time travel series for a second season. However, it looks like this time the decision is final.

Still, the news that NBC is looking to produce a movie, which will sort out the issues after the season 2 finale is nevertheless positive. The chances of Timeless being picked up by another network are remote at this point, although the series is available on Netflix. The streaming service recently extended a lifeline to popular series Lucifer, which was recently canned as well.

Timeless follows a scientist, history professor and a soldier as they make their way through time, course correcting pivotal moments in history, which have been changed by a rival group.

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