The Sacred Riana

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Fresh off terrorising and entertaining audiences on Asia’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, The Sacred Riana now gets her own movie. Directed by Billy Christian who delivered renowned horror flicks, Hi5teria, Rumah Malaikat and Hide & Seek Minako, The Sacred Riana is an origins tale of sorts for the beloved character.

The film centres on Riana’s childhood, living in a small town with her father and her mother, who both ran a funeral house business. However, a disaster one day requires them move to Uncle Johan’s house in Jakarta where Riana crosses paths with the Riani doll.

Soon thereafter, Riana grows up and is visited by Mrs. Klara, a counsellor-teacher in her school who wants to know why Riana has not attended school. After suggesting Riana enters some form of rehabilitation, disaster strikes her parents.

Eager to help, Mrs. Klara returns to Riana’s home, this time with help from Hendro, Lusi and Anggi, to help the girl socialize. But, their presence inadvertently triggers a bigger problem; a vicious creature of the past is released and begins to terrorize them all.

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