The Popcorn Interview: Brianna Hildebrand

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Brianna Hildebrand talks about her character in The Exorcist S2, her favourite horror movies and demonic possessions

What can viewers expect to see from your character this season?
My character’s name is Vertie. She is 17. She is on the verge of being kick out of the foster system that she is in. She is the oldest she loves her foster brothers and sisters. She is in a foster care because she was kick out of her house and she was sent to conversion camp. She doesn’t trust or organise religion. That is maybe a key point in this season.

What was your reaction watching the original film?
I think I have seen all of them. It was a while ago I saw them in junior high because my friends and I love scary movies. We thought it was awesome.

What made you decide to take on a role in a horror genre?
I love the genre. Last summer I film a movie called the Tragedy Girls which was a comedy horror it was more satirical but I had a lot of fun doing that and I had a lot of fun with the prosthetics and blood so when they approached me this is sound really exciting and fun.

What do you do between takes on set to keep things light?
Sometimes we play fun music and have dance in between takes sometimes it is a little more serious and we are just getting through the day. But I think having the kids on set help a lot. They are super goofy most of the time and they just remind you that it is not as hard as work as maybe it could be.

briana2What is your all-time favourite horror movie?
I use to go see all of the Texas Chainsaw Massacres when I was in high school, my friends love those. There are couple of others but I would stick to ones which terrifies me.

Do you believe demonic possession is possible?
Personally, I don’t think that demonic possession is real but I am open to be proven wrong I guess.

What about The Exorcist do you think audience like?
It is a battle between lightness and dark and I think that is interesting all the time. I think people loves superheroes movies because of that so it is even more interesting maybe because there is a larger element of fear if you happen to believe in demonic possessions or you are super religious. I think it is all super exciting for people to watch and it keeps people on the edge of their seats.

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