The Flash Season 3 Trailer

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At the end of The Flash Season 2, we saw Barry Allen blasts back to the past to reset the events that were caused by the Reverse Flash. This resulted in things going back to ‘normal’ by The Flash standards, with Allen’s parents remaining unscathed due to the events caused by Eobard Thawne.

But everything is not rosy in Central City as the repercussions of the timeline reset have delivered some changes to what we know about the series. Naturally like previous Flash seasons, there are numerous other speedsters in the mix and a re-introduction of characters who have now been reimagined for the new timeline.

However The Flashpoint Paradox will come into play with Allen suffering the brunt of the changes, especially as he begins to forget who he is. Chances are, the scarlet speedster will have no choice but to journey back to the point of his mother’s death to stop himself from changing matters.

Although it will be interesting to see, we sincerely hope this is the last time the time travel equation comes into play with The Flash. It’s already been replicated several times in both seasons. And while they’re at it, could we have other main antagonists whose powers aren’t also the same?

The Flash Season 3 premieres this October.

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