The Flash Movie Will Reveal The Multiverse

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Andy Muschietti’s The Flash movie has gotten a whole lot more exciting following news that the film will reveal the DC multiverse. In an interesting turn of events, it has been revealed that both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will reprise their roles as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film.

Ezra Miller will return to play the Scarlet Speedster in the film, which will have elements of the ‘Flashpoint’ storyline that played out in the comic books as well as an animated feature by Warner Bros. Animation. The storyline sees Barry Allen/The Flash journey back in time to save his mother only to set off a chain of events that eventually changes the reality around him.

The storyline in the animated feature sees Allen crossing paths with alternate versions of DC heroes and villains. The most notable change is Thomas Wayne who is the Flashpoint’s Batman. Muschietti may well utilise elements of this storyline along with past DC movies, specifically Michael Keaton’s Batman, who will reportedly have a substantial role to play in The Flash, which will open the doors to the multiverse.

Even more interesting is the inclusion of Affleck in the film, especially as the actor retired the cape and cowl following the Justice League film. Having Affleck in the film could allow Warner Bros. to tie up loose ends of the DCEU, which somewhat fell apart after the Justice League film and the departure of Zack Snyder from the production.

Now with news that HBO Max will be delivering the Snyder Cut of the film and news of Muschietti’s vision of The Flash movie, we dare say that the DCEU has never been this interesting.

The Flash is due to sprint into cinemas in summer 2022.

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