Star Wars Rebels Final Season Trailer

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After several successful seasons on Disney XD, Star Wars Rebels will head towards its final season in 2018. The beginning of the end starts Monday, February 19 when Ezra and the Ghost Crew return to Disney XD with new episodes!

When a new Imperial threat arises on Lothal, Ezra leads the crew back to his home world to defeat the oppressive forces of the Empire, under the command of the cunning Grand Admiral Thrawn. Old friends are reunited and new allegiances are forged as the series builds to its epic conclusion.

We’ll be sad to see this one taken off the air but we’re hoping that some light will be shed on the key characters of Star Wars Rebels, especially Ezra, who seems to have a role to play with the Force. The emergence of Darth Sidious in this final season should provide some indication as to what that just might be.

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