Star Trek Beyond Review

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Star Trek Beyond takes the Enterprise crew straight into action, which is where this franchise is set to head for the foreseeable future. Although that may not sit well with Trek purists, there’s no denying that the new universe has reinvigorated the franchise somewhat. With JJ Abrams handing the reins of the third instalment to Star Trek to Justin Lin, the Enterprise crew returns and warps straight into summer blockbuster territory.

Trek_Bryond4The Story Star Trek Beyond opens with the Enterprise exploring the outer reaches of space. Three years into their five year mission, exploring the galaxy has affected Captain Kirk somewhat. On the verge of accepting a post further up the ranks, he and the crew gets a momentary reprieve as they stop for supplies at the Federation’s newest outpost, the Yorktown. However their stay gets cut short when they’re sent out to rescue a ship that’s been marooned on an uncharted planet. Arriving at their destination, the Enterprise gets attacked by a ruthless enemy led by Krall. Leaving the crew scattered without a ship, the Enterprise crew is forced to fend for their lives whilst figuring out a way to stop Krall, who is hell bent on waging war with the Federation.

What Worked There were concerns that Justin Lin would be turning Star Trek into a Fast & Furious in space due to his work on the franchise. However he seems to have taken the best parts of that franchise and injected it into Star Trek Beyond. The action is swift and slick with film becoming more of an ensemble presentation with each crew member having their own chance to shine.

Trek_Beyond3What Didn’t Some of the effects of the film comes off a patchy and not very detailed. The plot twist and Krall’s motivation to wage war also isn’t very convincing, relegating the villain to more as a side act and prop than that a chief antagonist.

Plus Points The action oriented scenes including a fun third act involving some iconic music and an old Federation starship. The subtle tie-ins and hints that link back to the extended Star Trek universe and franchise of old. Bones also steals a fair bit of scenes, providing great comedic relief with his banter with Spock.

trek_beyond2Minus Points Kirk’s prevalent daddy issues, which have continued since the first film. Watching the beloved Enterprise being systematically destroyed and the occasional sentimentally that sweeps in with the scenes Anton Yelchin and that welcome nod to Leonard Nimoy/Ambassador Spock.

Conclusion With the crew’s dynamic and bond played out on screen along with the welcome injection of great action and subtle comedy, Star Trek Beyond is undoubtedly one of this year’s most surprising and entertaining features. The franchise may be more action oriented than before and it may take liberties with what Gene Rodenberry has created but the franchise’s new course is a delightful and welcoming one. We can’t wait to see where this crew heads to next.

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