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There’s been a tonne of speculation and interest behind Spectre, the latest James Bond film and for good reason too. Coming off Skyfall, fans are undoubtedly interested to see what film’s most iconic secret agent is up to following the events of the previous film. So will Daniel Craig’s latest romp as 007 be a decisive hit or a misfire for the secret agent franchise?

The Story Spectre opens with James Bond again creating havoc on what is later revealed to be a rogue mission. Hell bent on uncovering his past, he discovers the existence of a secret crime organisation. With M fighting to keep alive the ‘Double 0’ program in London, Bond embarks on a mission to assemble the vital pieces and clues in order to stop the crime organisation of carrying out their next world changing plan.

bond_spectreWhat Worked The action hits hard and often and there’s certainly no shortage of it throughout the two and a half hour run of the film. Spectre has all the elements of a quintessential Bond movie of the past – gadgets, fast cars, hot women and a maniacal villain. It’s funny how things have come full circle for the Bond franchise.

What Didn’t Coupled with action, there’s also a tonne of draggy and pretty pointless scenes. We’re not sure if it’s meant to break the action and story on screen but it does disrupt the flow of Spectre somewhat. And we think a villain going into a monologue as he’s about to do something dastardly is just so 60s.

spectre_carsPlus Points The standout action scenes like the Rome car chase and the day of the dead scene in Mexico. The return of the Aston Martin and gadgetry, which has been relatively missing from the last three films.

Minus Points There are a few literal WTF scenes in Spectre, which just doesn’t add up. It also tries hard to piece together the elements of all four Daniel Craig films, which basically means this 007 has been pretty much on the same mission since he started back in 2006.

spectre_leaConclusion Spectre delivers an old age feel of Bond, which fans best remember him for. But in this case it’s not an entirely good thing. The last three films took Bond out of his zone and basically introduced a more down to earth and believable character, in Spectre, he’s back to being the suave spy that just can’t die. It’s formulaic as far as Bond movies go but that’s not so much of a good thing this time around.

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