Robot Overlords

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ETA 23 August 2015
Cast Ben Kingsley, Gillian Anderson, Callan McAuliffe
Director Jon Wright
Genre Sci-Fi/ Thriller

Robot Overlords is a breath-taking family adventure film about a group of teenagers headed by Sean (Callan McAuliffe), Alex (Ella Hunt), Nathan (James Tarpey), and young Connor (Milo Parker). After the Earth is conquered by alien robots, humans are implanted with tracking devices and must stay inside or risk incineration by robot sentries.

They four friends have been trapped in their homes for three years, since an invading force of deadly robots arrived on Earth to study the human race. When the group of friends unexpectedly discover a way of evading the deadly robots that monitor their every move, they grab it gleefully and head off in search of Sean’s missing father.

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