Review: San Andreas

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Disaster movies have always had a place in Hollywood. And over the past few years, we’ve seen many iconic cities being destroyed on screen by tsunamis, comets, earthquakes and even solar flares. Now it’s one of the world’s most famous fault lines that gets its starring role in the aptly named San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson literally in the pilot seat of this action adventure.

The Story When the San Andreas fault triggers a magnitude 9 earthquake, it shakes up California in a massively shocking way. As the destruction wreaks havoc across from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Ray Gaines, a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot finds himself facing an insurmountable task to locate and save his daughter amidst all the chaos.

san_andreas_7What Worked The impressive special effects that manage to bring to life the destruction of Los Angeles and San Francisco. The impact of seeing iconic buildings and landmarks get broken down, shattered and fall apart like LEGO blocks truly makes San Andreas a visual spectacle and arguably one of the best put together disaster flicks we’ve seen in a while.

What Didn’t Well, disaster flicks only demand one thing of their audiences and that is to check your brain at the door. San Andreas isn’t smart and it plays to the clichés that come with all disaster flicks. An estranged father struggling to save his daughter, a wife torn between her soon to be ex-husband and her douche bag rich boyfriend, the shameless Americana promo at the end, it’s all there.

Plus Points Johnson delivering the goods and showing the world how versatile he is an action star. He does get to flex his muscles, save the day and sound off a few catchphrases along the way but he does so with incredible charm. The CGI and wow factor action sequences (watch for the tsunami scene).

san_andreas_1Minus Points Despite the impressive scenes, San Andreas faults itself with storylines and subplots we’ve all seen before in films like 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow. In essence, it’s like any other disaster movie, with different actors and disasters.

Conclusion SanAndreas falls into line as a typical summer blockbuster and despite its lightweight approach and carbon copy script, it nevertheless does have enough to keep you entertain. If you don’t overthink the film and just sit back and watch the destruction unfold on screen, then you’ll royally enjoy this near two-hour epic disaster romp.

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