Review: Kung Fu Panda 3

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Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda franchise is arguably one of its most successful and with three films to its name already, it’s bound to be considered one of the most beloved animated series ever made. Kung Fu Panda 3 takes off where its predecessors left off with the journey of Po, the bumbling Kung Fu fighting Panda. And if you’re wondering if three films about a fighting Panda voiced by Jack Black ever gets tired, we can safely say it doesn’t. Not quite anyway.

The Story Kung Fu Panda 3 kicks off with the revelation that an ancient warrior named Kai has returned from the spirit world to defeat the great Kung Fu warriors. At the same time, Po reunites with his father, Li Shan and discovers a hidden Panda village that may hold the answers to defeat Kai. With the supernatural warrior fast approaching, Po has to band together his long-lost family to help save the day.

kung_fu_panda_3What Worked The sleek animation work and the film’s central theme still seems fresh, despite being three movies in. It also offers a good continuation to the story of Po and his quest to fulfil his destiny as the Dragon Warrior.

What Didn’t Well, three movies in and some of the jokes do get a bit tired. The sequel also makes no qualms about following the path set by the previous films with Po, the quintessential underdog rising to the occasion to defeat a somewhat unstoppable warrior.

Plus Points More Pandas, more fun. Excellent voice work by JK Simmons, Bryan Cranston and Kate Hudson who lend their voices to some of the key characters in the film.

panda3_1Minus Points The similar path the film takes and less screen time for Po’s cohorts, which basically reduces some of them to extended cameos at most.

Conclusion Kung Fu Panda 3 isn’t fresh, but it’s still exciting to say the least. Overall it delivers a fitting continuation, and hopefully, conclusion to the beloved DreamWorks’ character. No doubt fans will love to see Po again, but in this case, let’s hope fans realise that the third time is indeed the charm.

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