New Spider-Man Already?

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Sony is having its hands full with the Spider-Man franchise, to the point that rumours have surfaced that they’ve open talks with Marvel Studios to bring the web-slinger back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now another rumour has been dropped, this time pointing to Sony using The Sinister Six as a form of a reboot for the Spider-Man franchise.

This could also mean that the Spider-Man/Peter Parker character could be recast to fit into this new scenario. However, we don’t think Andrew Garfield will be out of a job anytime soon, as it probably won’t make sense having a new Spidey now, and especially after only two movies. Plus, Garfield does make a decent Spider-Man. But that said, we’re down with Marvel Studios getting back its most iconic superhero in some sort of way.

Granted Sony hasn’t had that bad of a run with the Spider-Man franchise, at least commercially, with five money-making films already but admittedly, the character would do so much better with Marvel Studios pulling the creative strings. As we saw, this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was collectively panned by both fans and critics. But we’ll willingly wager that Sony isn’t going to just hand over the rights for Spidey back to Marvel because there’s just too much money to be made.

A likely scenario would be Marvel Studios coming to an agreement with Sony to help co-produce the Spider-Man franchise, which could pave the way for the web-slinger to appear in Marvel Studios’ franchises like The Avengers. But like all rumours that have constantly surfaced, fans should just let this one simmer first for the time being. And we’ll reserve judgement on Sony until we see The Sinister Six at the end of 2016.

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