Mom’s Time Out S2

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Mom’s Time Out returns for a new season exploring modern gender roles as three Asian moms go on an all-expenses-paid getaway leaving their husbands in charge of the house.

What happens when mum goes away and Dad is left at home to manage the kids, the house and everything else? Three families from Southeast Asia are going to find out in Mom’s Time Out S2.

The mother from each family will be sent on an all-expenses paid holiday to a luxury resort. Meanwhile, Dad is left at home to manage the kids. This sparks a 5-day journey of discovery for Dad as his wife’s absence forces him to confront his own shortcomings. Meanwhile, Mum starts undergoing changes of her own as the enforced break from family life allows her to re-evaluate her priorities and consider making more time for herself.

In Indonesia, corporate high-flier Bram realises that spending quality time with his children means more than just being physically present. But after years of allowing work to take precedence over his kids, he quickly finds his children are much closer to his wife and their nannies than to him. Will his efforts to win them over be too little, too late?

In Singapore, Leah is mother to 3 kids. The stress of taking care of them and managing her corporate events business has left her prone to breakdowns and mood swings. This 5-day holiday is a chance for her to depressurise and consider her life goals. Will Leah learn to let go on this trip and return home a more relaxed mom?

In Malaysia, the tables are turned as super-dad, Andrew, takes over the mantle of looking the family all by himself. Doing the housework and cooking every day, it is not easy especially when his two kids demand his attention every minute. While on holiday, his wife, Valerie, worries the pressure may be too much for Andrew and he may lose his temper on the kids.

Mom’s Time Out S2 premieres 16 September, Wednesdays at 9.00pm and 9.30pm on Lifetime (Astro Ch 709).

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