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By now everyone knows that Logan is officially the last outing for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. So with the help of James Mangold, the action star has put together the proverbial last hurrah for everyone’s favourite X-Man. To close out such a legacy is going to be a tall order but early rumblings claim that Logan does indeed deliver a fitting send-off for the mutant. We check it out for ourselves to see if it’s true.

logan_review1The Story It’s the year 2029 and by the time we catch up with Logan, it’s clear his best days are now behind him. Working as limousine driver, the former X-Man is a shell of his former self with his healing powers slowly dissipating. Taking care of a sick Professor X, the mutant hero soon finds trouble at his door step when a mysterious child shows up, with similar powers to his. With the baddies in hot pursuit, searching for the girl, Logan sheathes his razor sharp claws one last time to help save the day.

What Worked The slow burn for Logan’s last goodbye. The simplicity of the film is what ultimately engages audiences. Ditching the outlandish special effects and over complicated storylines of the past, Logan is just a straightforward action drama told pretty much like a western with some great supporting acts.

Logan_Review 3What Didn’t The tone of the film is a downer especially since it’s an open secret that Jackman is officially retiring Wolverine. Although necessary, it does feel uncomfortable watching the X-Man and his mentor in rather humane roles for once.

Plus Points Great storyline and dialogue and top notch action sequences. Patrick Stewart also delivers an impressive performance as a critically ill Professor X. Logan also churns out a curveball within the second act that no one really saw coming, which is rather cool.

Minus Points Well it’s the last we’ll see of Wolverine. And that’s pretty bittersweet as it gets.

logan_trailerConclusion Logan isn’t your straight up superhero movie, which is why it works so well. Fresh and entertaining, the film moves along pretty much on the calibre of its actors, all of whom combine their talents to deliver an emotionally charged human drama. By the time the end credits roll, audiences will empathise with Logan and the legacy he will be leaving behind. The good news though is that fans finally get the Wolverine movie they’ve been waiting for. Pity it had to be the last.

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