I Am Legend Reboot

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I Am Legend was a massive hit for Warner Bros. in 2007 but surprisingly the sequel to the film seems to be languishing in limbo. So with potential dollars on the line, it’s no surprise then that rumours are swirling that I Am Legend could be heading for a reboot treatment.

The news about the I Am Legend reboot was brought to light after Warner Bros. was said to be updating the script A Garden At The End Of The World penned by Gary Graham, as the base for a I Am Legend franchise. As such, there’s a distinct possibility that the film’s original star, Will Smith will not return to the film he made famous.

This news could upset Smith fans but truth be told, Warner Bros. has apparently tried to bring I Am Legend 2 to life in the past, one of which involves a prequel tale involving Smith’s Robert Neville character and events that led up to the zombie outbreak. But faced with a difficult story to tell (especially after the death of the character in film), Warner Bros. scraped the project all together.

Are you bummed that Will Smith isn’t involved in the I Am Legend Reboot or do you think the film should be left where it ended?

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