How To Build Everything

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How To Build Everything features a cast of whip smart and hilarious personalities including: comedian and former airplane mechanic Alonzo Bodden, science communicator and bug expert Alie Ward, real life doctor and Jane the Virgin’s Keller Wortham, Nerdist science editor Kyle Hill, tech expert and futurist Veronica Belmont, mad inventor Eric Gradman, astronaut Leland Melvin, and so many more.

Augmented with CGI, our brilliant commentators will take us through each build, while a retro-style test lab demonstrates scientific concepts. Each episode also features experts from specific fields for topics featured, from stunt women to tank commanders.

The first season will walk audiences through how to build a state-of-the-art laser-guided cow milking machine, your very own 20-story cruise ship, a tandem vibratory roller aka steam roller aka a cartoon bunny-flattening machine, and a ton of other mind-blowing engineering marvels.

How To Build Everything airs every Wednesday at 9.55pm on Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551)

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