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There is one guarantee when it comes to Fast & Furious films, and that is mind boggling action sequences. It’s a tradition that its spinoff Hobbs & Shaw more than lives up to. The newest film from the franchise sees two of its most popular characters breakaway from the pack to chart their own adventure.

The film sees lawman Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and ex-British operative, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) team-up, in less amicable fashion, to stop a global catastrophe from happening. True to script, like most Fast & Furious storylines after Fast 5, the film is laced with high-octane action set-pieces, car chases, fisticuffs and outlandish action. But the difference maker for this particular spinoff is its two lead actors.

The banter between the two and on-screen chemistry alone makes Hobbs & Shaw a fun watch. Of course it is not all just fun, jokes, puns and games with the two lawmen as there is also the film’s central plot that may pave the way for Hobbs & Shaw to become a profitable franchise of its own.

Hobbs & Shaw opens with a mission led by Shaw’s sister, Hattie (Vanessa Kirby), which turns sour following the involvement of the film’s big bad, Brixton (Idris Elba). Hattie is forced to go on the run; forcing law enforcement agencies on both sides recruit their best field agents to pin the MI6 agent down.

Obviously, being an F&F film, there are several big reveals along the way like Brixton being the equivalent of a high-tech super soldier, and his past ties with Shaw. The film’s storyline also hints to a large mysterious organisation at play, which is not only behind this potential nefarious attack, but one that also has a bit of history with our two heroes.

Overall, there’s a lot going on in Hobbs & Shaw, most of which doesn’t really make any sense. But you would hardly notice because of the rapid fire laughs and action that keeps coming up on screen. In terms of being an actioner, director David Leitch has produced a film that’s well worth the price of admission.

But the beauty of Hobbs & Shaw is that it also doubles up as a comedy, one with a couple of surprising cameos that will leave you pointing and laughing at the cinema screen. Yes, it’s far out, nonsensical at times and also highly-unbelievable, but Hobbs & Shaw have managed to effectively stand on their own.

It will be interesting to see where this journey is headed towards as this spinoff blazes its own trail away from the Fast & Furious family.

Popcorn Rating: Sweet & Salty

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