Hide & Seek Minako

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ETA 28 February
Cast Regina Rengganis, Miller Khan, Nicky Tirta, Wendy Wilson, Natasha Gott, Gandhi Fernando
Director Billy Christian
Genre Indonesian Horror

Hide & Seek (known as Petak Umpet in Indonesia) is a popular children’s game but Hide & Seek Minako brings this game to a whole new level by playing with the spirit instead. The film is based on a terrifying game, Hitori Kakurenbo originating in Japan by high schoolers where they play hide-n-seek by summoning and capturing a ghost into a stuffed doll.

Hide & Seek Minako tells the story of a group of friends who gather at their old high school for a reunion. During the gathering, one of them later suggests playing a game of hide-and-seek called Hitori Kakurenbo with a doll named Minako. Since the game is more of a Japanese ghost-summoning ritual than a normal hide-and-seek, things turn awry when they start playing it.

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