HBO Looks To Westworld

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Those of us who were born in the 70s would be familiar with the sci-fi film, Westworld. But for the benefit of those who aren’t, allow us to fill you in. Made in the early 70s by Michael Crichton, the film weaved a tale that surrounded around a futuristic adult amusement park, which allowed guests to live out their fantasies.

The dream scenario however turns into a nightmare when a malfunctioning Wild West robot literally starts taking the law into his own hands, which sends the park into chaos. Westworld starred Yul Brynner and is a cult favourite amongst fans. And the good news is, it’s being rebooted for the small screen by HBO.

Continuing their trend of delivering quality, original productions, HBO has already tapped Jonathan Nolan to adapt the 70s classic for the small screen. We’re not sure how Nolan’s vision for Westworld will differ from Crichton’s original film but admittedly, Westworld does have a good premise going for it.

It’s unclear at this point who will star in the rebooted HBO version of Westworld or when production will start but HBO has rather ambitiously planned a 2015 bow for the series.

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