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Never before has a film arrived with so much hatred. But given the nature of Ghostbusters and the interest surrounding the original, this attempted reboot comes in with big shoes to fill. However, as the trailers have teased, the new Ghostbusters seems underwhelming nor funny and completely unnecessary. And for the most part of this sad poor attempt, what the trailers revealed was true.

The Story Set in the present day with no linkage whatsoever with the past films, Ghostbusters is a complete reboot with a new team of supernatural scientists. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones star as the new Ghostbusters who uncover a plot to unleash ghosts onto New York City. After discovering a way to fight these evil spirits, the fearless four step up to save their city from certain doom.

ghostbuster_newWhat Worked The under two hour runtime.

What Didn’t The whole thing is a complete and utter mess. Despite its intentions to bridge a new path for itself, the Paul Feig reboot somehow keeps back pedalling and paying subtle tributes to the original series. From ghostly appearances to one-liners, Easter eggs and cameos, the reboot bounces back and forth incoherently with a lame and over-the-top storyline and plot. The effects come of more video game oriented than anything else with the jokes forced and flat.

Plus Points We would like to say the cameos by the original stars but even their inclusion in this film come off as pointless and meaningless.

ghostbusters_reboot_newMinus Points There are too many to list down but essentially it’s how the whole film has been produced and made. Both Wiig and McCarthy deliver similar performances we’ve seen before with Jones playing the stereotypical loud African American woman. McKinnon’s performance on the other hand is just over bearing and neurotic with constant overacting in most of her scenes in an attempt to eke out a few cheap giggles.

Conclusion With lame jokes, stereotypical performances, a forgettable villain and rubbish special effects, this new version of Ghostbusters has very little going for it. It’s rather ironic for a film that boasts a tagline that says ‘Who You Gonna Call?’ has a cast that seemingly dials in their performances throughout the movie. Evidently, it’s a film that’s designed to milk a franchise in order to mint more money. Still, we hoped that the very least they could have done is deliver something better than this cinematic mishap. Pointless and not even mildly entertaining, this new version of Ghostbusters attempts to reinvent a classic but ultimately it just projectile vomits all over it.

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