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Netflix’s Away is an emotional and thrilling journey about a group of astronauts from around the world, coming together for mankind’s first mission to Mars.

While it might look like a sci-fi series about space exploration, it’s actually a story about the relationships between the astronauts and their family members as they face seemingly insurmountable challenges, feelings of isolation, and the pressure of carrying the world’s expectations on their shoulders.

If that isn’t enough reason to watch, then don’t miss Hilary Swank’s riveting performance as the commander of this very first mission to Mars. The outer space drama series is now streaming on Netflix. In preparation to experience the world and beyond, here is the crew that will take you to space.

The Family

Emma Green (played by Hilary Swank)
Headstrong, empathetic and a highly intelligent astronaut and leader, Emma Green is an American astronaut and former Navy pilot. She is the commander of the first mission to Mars and is married to Matt Logan, a chief engineer at NASA. Emma and Matt have a 15-year-old daughter, Alexis “Lex” Logan.

Lex. Matt Logan (played by Josh Charles)
Matt Logan is a NASA engineer, married to Emma Green. He faces the already enormous challenge of dealing with the mission from home, while trying to raise their teenage daughter on his own.

Alexis “Lex” Logan (played by Talitha Bateman)
15-years-old Lex is the daughter of astronauts Emma Green and Matt Logan. Like her father, Lex is supportive and proud of her mother’s three-year mission, but struggles with her coming of age issues while her mother is on the mission and her father faces his own challenges.

The Crew

Misha Popov (played by Mark Ivanir)
Misha Popov is a Russian cosmonaut and engineer on the mission to Mars alongside Emma Green. The most experienced member of the crew, Misha’s proud veneer hides the pain of his personal sacrifices for a life dedicated to space.

Dr. Kwesi Weisberg-Abban (played by Ato Essandoh)
Dr. Kwesi Weisberg-Abban is a British citizen from Ghana. Kwesi (pronounced Kway-Si) is good-humored, modest, and a man of deep faith. He’s a world-renowned botanist and carries with him the hope of growing life on Mars.

Ram Arya (played by Ray Panthaki)
Ram Arya is an Air Force fighter pilot from India. While the other astronauts face difficulties with their families and attachments back on earth, Ram feels very much alone.

Lu Wang (played by Vivian Wu)
Lu Wang is a chemist and astronaut representing China. She is intelligent and pragmatic, but hides a complex personal life beneath her cool exterior. She is married with a young son, and faces her own set of challenges while away from home.

Melissa Ramirez (played by Monique Curnen)
Melissa Ramirez is a former astronaut and Emma’s crew support astronaut. Her main task is to be Emma’s liaison on earth. Melissa gave up her own career as an astronaut to support her special needs child and helps to take care of Lex and Matt during Emma’s absence.

Away is now streaming on Netflix.

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