Flash Season 4 Extended Trailer

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The Flash Season 3 ended on a downer with Barry Allen accepting his fate and deciding to go into the Speed Force. But judging by the new Flash Season 4 trailer, everyone’s favourite scarlet speedster is back in the game in Central City.

The new trailer shows us what is coming in the new season with some of the team moving on after Barry disappears. Others like Iris, not so much. However, there won’t be shortage of any superpower villainy or heroics as Cisco seems to have gone into full Viber mode with Wally West stepping up to be the city’s resident speedster.

Nevertheless the main takeaway from the new trailer is Barry’s return, which sees Team Flash somewhat extracting him from the Speed Force. But whether or not it’s the same Barry we’ve seen is another thing all together.

Bottom line, there are just too many questions left to be answered, so let’s just wait for The Flash Season 4 to arrive on 10 October 2017 to see what the fuss is all about on The CW. In the meantime, check out the extended trailer above.

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