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Chris Hemsworth’s return to film comes at the courtesy of Netflix, which have delivered Extraction, a decent and gritty actioner by first time director Sam Hargrave. Although Netflix’s slate of original content, specifically its feature length presentations, have largely been more misses than hits, Extraction has seemingly bucked the trend with its straight forward and effective story telling.

Granted most audiences who tuned in to the film, were largely spurred by the return of Hemsworth following his short break away after Avengers: Endgame, Extraction has enough in its tank to keep audiences entertained and enthralled throughout its near two hour run time.

The story Hargrave weaves is written by Joe Russo and based on the graphic novel Ciudad. Hemsworth portrays Tyler Rake, a washed up black-market mercenary who takes on a job to rescue the son of an imprisoned crime lord.  However the extremely dangerous mission soon takes a turn for the worse when he has to face immense obstacles and enemies as they make their way to freedom.

Essentially, Extraction pretty much takes the John Wick route with the main protagonist being a gun for hire that has nothing to lose. But the difference maker between the two is that Extraction tows the line of redemption for the hero. However make no mistake, both films have a common similarity and that is balls-out action.

Despite this being his feature-length debut, Hargrave is in his element crafting and executing stellar action sequences that will pretty much leave audiences at the edge of their seat. The storyline is not fantastic, but it’s adequate enough to keep viewers’ interests piqued throughout the film.

Props also should be also be given to the supporting talents such as Golshifteh Farahani and especially Randeep Hooda whose portrayal of an antagonist turned ally is one of the highlights of the film. 

Although Hemsworth is the star of this action vehicle, he doesn’t necessarily carry the full weight of the load, especially in more tender moments. The physicality aspect of the show is also somewhat equally distributed amongst the talents and there’s no doubt an added boost for Asian viewers to see some of the actors from the region having their chance to shine as well.

For all intents and purposes and despite its straight and narrow storyline and plot, Extraction is a more than just a decent watch. Unlike most Netflix films that sometimes feel they are there to just make up the numbers, Extraction manages to stand on its own as a worthwhile action flick that audiences will generally enjoy.

Popcorn Rating: Fresh

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