Entourage Full-Length Trailer

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The Entourage full-length trailer has just landed and it reveals more on what to expect in the big screen outing for the hit HBO series. The newest trailer continues where the final season ended with Ari now assuming his position as studio head.

E and Sloane are expecting their first and Lloyd seems to have found true love and is getting married. Vincent Chase now wants to set his sights on directing, which shocks the group whilst Turtle is on a courtship with MMA star Ronda Rousey. And in the thick of all the action is of course Johnny Drama, doing what Drama always does best.

But the appeal of the new Entourage full-length trailer is the number of cameos it has revealed. Joining Vince and gang are Liam Neeson, Jessica Alba, Pharell, Mark Wahlberg and a tonne more.

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