Done With Professor X

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With Hugh Jackman confirming his last outing as Wolverine in Logan, Patrick Stewart has also confirmed that he’s done portraying Professor X following this film. Having both mainstay X-Men stars taking a simultaneous bow will be hard to swallow for some fans but with the X-Men franchise in a relatively healthy place, perhaps the time to call it quits is rather opportune.

Stewart has portrayed the Charles Xavier character since the first X-Men film in 2000. To date he’s played the good professor in four X-Men films, including Days of Future Past, which was released in 2014. In a recent interview, Stewart admitted that he too would be following Jackman’s lead and would be portraying the iconic X-Men leader for the very last time.

Logan has been garnering good reviews following several sneak peeks across the globe. Many believe that both Wolverine and Charles Xavier will be biting the proverbial bullet on the big screen in the James Mangold film. If this was true, then Logan should prove as a fitting setting for both characters to go off into the sunset.

But Logan is based sometime in the future, and if there was an opportunity for other X-Men films as well as its spin-offs, which is set in the past or present, there is a possibility that both actors could return for at least a cameo.

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