Captain America: Civil War Announced

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It’s been rumoured for a few weeks that Marvel intends to go ahead with a Civil War angle in the Marvel cinematic universe. Now, it’s been confirmed that the storyline is indeed confirmed for the next instalment of Captain America.

Captain America: Civil War will see Chris Evans reprise his role as Steve Rogers and he’ll also be joined by Robert Downey Jr who will once again portray Tony Stark/Iron Man. Both stars took to the stage at the recent Marvel event for the official announcement of the movie and they were joined by Chadwick Boseman who will also feature in the film as the Black Panther.

Although no details were given about Captain America: Civil War, if Marvel intends to follow the storyline that was set within its comic book universe, then we may well see the two most prominent Avengers go at it as part of the film’s central plot.

The Civil War storyline centres on Tony Stark and Steve Rogers at loggerheads owing to a Superhero Registration Act, which forces anyone with super-human abilities or powers to register themselves with the U.S. government. Stark is in support of the program whereas Rogers is dead set against it, which causes a rift between the heroes, resulting in a bitter feud.

Production for Captain America: Civil War is set to begin sometime in 2015, which will put in on track for its May 2016 release date.

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