Blue Beetle Is Getting A Movie

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The Blue Beetle may not be one of DC’s major character, but Warner Bros are going to give the character his own movie. Charm City Kings Director Angel Manuel Soto is set to direct the film. What is interesting most about the project that it will be DC’s first Latino superhero film.

Diversity is key these days especially in the entertainment industry. Having a character with Latino origins like the Blue Beetle will no doubt bode well for DC and Warner Bros. Marvel has already proven success with Black Panther and soon-to-be released Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

The character of the Blue Beetle was initially created in 1939 but he only became a prominent character in the mid-2000s. According to dirt sheet rumours, the treatment for this new live-action film will be based on the later iteration.

In the comic books, an El Paso teenage named Jaime Reyes becomes the superhero after discovering the Blue Beetle scarab. Later at night, the scarab comes to life and grafts itself to Reyes’ spine, resulting in him receiving a suit of armour with superhuman abilities and weaponry.

The Blue Beetle will reportedly move towards production in fall.

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