Avatar Unseats Avengers: Endgame As Top Grossing Film

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James Cameron’s Avatar is officially back as the world’s top grossing film, after a re-release pushed it above Avengers: Endgame. Despite cinemas being closed and the box-office not delivering returns as it used to, the changing of the guard is somewhat surprising.

Avatar can thank China for returning its box-office crown, after Avengers: Endgame captured it in 2019. A re-release in the Middle Kingdom garnered the film approximately USD8.9 million, which was enough to put it over the top against the Avengers sequel.

Currently, the James Cameron flick stands at the top of the box-office with USD2,798,579,794 against Endgame‘s USD2,797,501,328. That gap however will increase in the coming weeks as Avatar continues to draw in audiences.

Marvel Studios acknowledged the achievement with a Tweet to Cameron and producer Jon Landau. The Russo Brothers also paid tribute to the director for its box-office win.

It will be interesting to see if Marvel Studios/Disney decides to re-release Endgame later. This may force the pendulum to swing towards the superhero franchise once again. However, with several Avatar sequels due in the next few years, it is safe to assume that Cameron will hold on to his crown as the king of the box-office for a very long time.

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