A tribute to Richard Harrison

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In tribute to Richard Harrisons’ passing, HISTORY is presenting a Pawn Stars marathon highlighting the episodes which “The Old Man” appeared in.

After serving in the U.S. Navy and losing a million dollars in the real estate market, Richard Harrison uprooted his family and moved to Las Vegas in pursuit of a fresh start. Opening the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in 1988, he had to learn a little about a lot really fast.

From Rolexes to antique cars, Richard was armed with the rare skill of assessing the value of anything accurately. With uncanny precision, Richard was the king of purchasing under-priced merchandise, even from archival pawn shops, which has helped turn his initial $10,000 investment into a multi-million-dollar business. Disciplined, wise and cunning, Richard drove a hard bargain and was anything but easy to please.

Relive the moments that Richard brought to Pawn Stars with this special marathon on HISTORY kicking off 30th June.

Pawn Stars S2: Old Man’s Booty
30 June, Saturday 8.05pm
Rick and Corey play a prank on the Old Man by “borrowing” his 1956 Chrysler Imperial. What really happened to it?

Pawn Stars S5: Honest Abe
30 June, Saturday 8.30pm
Chumlee and the Old Man have a chance to buy a fully functional 19th century dynamite detonator. Will they wire up a deal and blast through a negotiation or will it blow up in their faces?

Pawn Stars S6: Evel Genius
30 June, Saturday 9.00pm
Batter up with the Pawn Stars when an autographed photo of Babe Ruth slides into the shop. Will Rick go into extra innings for this rare piece of baseball memorabilia or will a tough negotiation cause him to swing and miss?

Pawn Stars S6: Missile Attack
30 June, Saturday 9.25pm
The Pawn Stars take evasive action when a Cold War era heat-seeking missile guidance system locks onto the shop. Will the guys engage and try to blast this deal out of the sky or is this former military secret still too hot to handle?

Pawn Stars S8: Zoodoo
30 June, Saturday 9.55pm
A guy brings in a can of Zoo Doo brand elephant manure. Made by a zoo as a novelty item, will Chumlee and the Old Man put all their chips on the table for this gag gift, or will it be impossible to ignore the elephant in the room?

 Pawn Stars S10: On Guard
30 June, Saturday 10.20pm
When a seller brings in an antique BBQ built in the shape of a pig, the Old Man reminisces about the good old days smoking pork in the South.


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