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ETA 8 October
Director Brandon Christensen
Cast Keegan Connor Tracy, Sean Rogerson, Jett Klyne
Genre Horror

Z tells the story of a mother, Beth Parsons, her husband, Kevin and their son, Josh.  Josh is a loner of an elementary school student. He does not pay attention in class. He eats lunch by himself. And he does not appear to have any friends. So, it makes sense when he asks his parents to set a place at dinner for his new imaginary friend Z.

With the assurance of their family psychologist, Josh’s behaviour is seemingly normal. However, as Josh’s passive demeanour is rapidly consumed by aggression and suspicion, Beth and Kevin soon realize that Z might not represent the typical defence mechanism of a lonely boy… or even the typical child-spawned imaginary friend.

The whole is far lesser than the sum of its parts. Directed by Brandon Christensen (Still/Born) and co-written by Christensen and Colin Minihan (director of Grave Encounters), the cinematic pedigree of the cast and crew of Z set a strong foundation for what could have been a real contribution to the horror genre.

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