Will There Be A Kill Bill Vol.3?

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Rumours persist that Quentin Tarantino is open to making Kill Bill Vol.3 and the director has recently admitted that the project is a possibility. “I’m not committing to it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bride made one more appearance before the whole thing is said and done,” he said in an interview with Variety.

The director also commented that he’s in talks with Uma Thurman about the possibility as well. Tarantino has somewhat changed his tune regarding the potential sequel, which he all out denied would be made at all in 2009. But nevertheless, despite the storyline wrapped up at the end of Kill Bill Vol. 2, he did leave a back door possibility for Kill Bill Vol.3 with Nikki, the daughter of Vernita Green played by Vivica A. Fox.

The scene in particular, which takes place in Kill Bill Vol. 1 sees Beatrix Kiddo a.k.a. the Bride played by Thurman that she would be waiting for Nikki if she wanted revenge after killing her mother. Although the premise is interesting, it remains to be seen if Tarantino were to go ahead with another sequel to arguably his most famous film, especially spending the last several years with the western genre with Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight.

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