Will Smith Out Of Men In Black?

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First it was Independence Day and now it seems Will Smith may not return to the Men In Black franchise as well. This was brought to light by MIB veteran producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald recently who admitted that a Men In Black reboot is currently in the works and that it won’t involve Smith.

The producers revealed that the new Men In Black project in development at Sony will be a reboot to the franchise and will likely be a trilogy. With a new franchise and stars on the horizon for MIB many fans are speculating that this could be an elaborate move by Sony to tie-in and cross-over another successful franchise of theirs.

The long rumoured 21 Jump Street and Men In Black could be a part of the plans for this new rebooted franchise but both Parkes and MacDonald have yet to comment on the possibility. It also boggles the mind how Sony will intend to make this franchise crossover work considering both 21 Jump Street and Men In Black exist in totally different universes.

Still it remains to be seen how a new Men In Black trilogy without Smith in the picture will fare with fans. An Agent J-less MIB doesn’t have a lot going for it quite frankly.

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