What We Know About Gotham

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The new DC Comics series will be an origins story revolving around key characters that will make up the Bat universe.

Although DC hasn’t fared as well as Marvel on the big screen, its small screen properties seem to be thriving these days. Gotham is one such series that has been pegged for great things as it showcases the back story behind the city that spawned such iconic characters. But that origins story aside, what else do we really know about Gotham? Well, let’s find out.

Gotham City may be Batman’s turf but this time around, its protector is none other than Jim Gordon. The series will follow the life of the Detective as he comes to grips working in a city that’s teeming with crime and corruption. By the sounds of it, Gotham will be more crime based, which will likely eliminate the possibility of us seeing the city’s wide variety of super powered villains and vigilantes. Not that they aren’t there of course…

From the trailer alone we know that there’s quite a few key characters that will come to live in Gotham such as The Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman and Poison Ivy. And rumours are swirling that we may even see the Joker at some point. But don’t get all too excited because these characters will also be origins based meaning that they’ll be more or less normal (with probably early psychological issues).

Naturally no series about Gotham would be complete without the city’s most prominent son. This is why the crux of the series will also shine on the tragic murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne and the developments that continue right after. But the appeal of the series will be for audiences to see Bruce Wayne at his most vulnerable and how he is turned on a dark path that eventually leads him to become the Batman.

Ben McKenzie stars as Jim Gordon and Donal Logue as his partner Harvey Bullock. Other notable names in the series are Sean Pertwee who takes on the mantle of Alfred Pennyworth and Jada Pinkett Smith as crime boss Fish Mooney, who is rumoured to be one of the main baddies in the series.

Gotham is set to debut in the fall in the U.S. on the FOX network.  According to the official airdate, the show will premiere on 22 September 2014.

Source: Warner Bros. Television

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