What We Know About Fear The Walking Dead

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At the end of the Walking Dead finale, AMC debuted the first teaser for Fear the Walking Dead, a spinoff of its highly-rated series. Although the 15 –second teaser offered very little, it still managed to pique our interest in what it’s set to bring to the table.

Based on what we’ve come to know about the series plus the teaser that aired, this is what we know about the new series.

The Timeline and Airdate
As seen by the teaser, Fear of the Walking Dead takes place before the zombie outbreak, which makes this a prequel of sorts. Whereas Rick’s crew makes their way in America trying to survive, this is where we find out how shit truly hits the fan. AMC is set to air the series sometime this summer.

Where Is It Based and Who’s In It
Fittingly in the ‘City of Angels’, which will now be called ‘City of Walkers’. Still we should be grateful, AMC didn’t do C.S.I-esque spinoff and called it Walking Dead: Los Angeles. The series has thus far signed on actors Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey. We can’t wait to see who bites it first.

Why We’re Looking Forward To It
For starters, it’s not based on the comic books, which means it’s essentially a blank canvas. We’re also interested to see where the direction of the series will take fans, especially addressing the issues of the zombie epidemic like how it got started and how humans have already been infected with it (see Walking Dead S1 finale).

The Odds It Survives On TV
Considering The Walking Dead S5 finale drew in over 15 million viewers, we think this spinoff will last quite a while. AMC seems to think so too as it’s ordered two seasons, with a six-part season one airing this year and season two hitting television screens in 2016.In the meantime, check out the teaser after the jump.

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