Weekly Wrap: Cars 3 Details

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With so many movies being released this year, Cars 3 flew under the radar right up until the first trailer was released. Now though, more details have been released with regards to the film and it appears that the Pixar sequel may take cues from the first film. Cars 3 will focus once again on Lightning McQueen, who isn’t a young hotshot anymore. To compound matters, he also has to face a number of new and faster racers such as Jackson Storm, who will be voiced by Armie Hammer. Cars 3 opens in theatres in June 2016.

Adam Driver To Star In Tough As They Come
adam_driverAnother true-life story based on a United States Serviceman is set to be made. Tough As They Come will focus on the inspirational story of Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills who survived a quadruple amputation owing to injuries sustained in battle. The biopic will be adapted for film by Sylvester Stallone and will star Adam Driver. Stallone will pull double duty on the film starring as Mill’s father-in-law, Craig Buck.

Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe To Be Adapted
More comic book films are set to come to the big screen and this time around it will be Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe. The comic-book artist who co-created Deadpool for Marvel has a wealth of content primed and ready for adaptation. According to reports, Liefeld’s titles such as Bloodstrike, Brigade, Lethal, Re‐Gex, Cybrid and Bloodwulf could potentially become film franchises of their own in the near future. With nine titles to adapt from and over 100 characters, studios are virtually assured that they won’t run out of content.

No Extended Cut For Rogue One
go_rogueThe latest Star Wars adventure is reaping a tonne of cash at the box-office. But for fans looking for an extended cut of the film when it hits Blu-Ray, be prepared for a little disappointment. According to one of the co-editors of the film, Rogue One will not have a director’s cut or extended cut. “It was not much longer than the finished film,” explained film editor, Colin Goudie. “I think the first assembly was not far off actual release length. There’s no mythical four hour cut, it doesn’t exist.”

Chucky Returns

Hard to believe, but there’s another instalment to horror franchise, Child’s Play in the works. The first teaser release sees the iconic doll make his return in Cult of Chucky. The film will continue where the 2013 film left off and will also arrive as part of the 30th anniversary of Child’s Play. Cult of Chucky is currently in production and is expected to be released on Video-On-Demand and Blu-Ray this October.

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