The Week That Was: The End Of The Marvel Universe!

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Comic book fans will be excited to know that Marvel plans on ending its comic-book universe with the culmination of the Secret Wars mini-series. This would mean that at the end of the eighth issue, the Marvel Universe, which has been in existence since the early 60s will come to an end. “Once we hit Secret Wars No. 1, there is no Marvel Universe, Ultimate Universe, or any other. It’s all Battleworld,” said Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Publishing and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort in a statement. Although it would be interesting what the house of wonders comes up next in order to reboot its superhero characters, fans are wondering if Secret Wars will have an effect on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially for properties such as X-Men and Spider-Man, which are owned by 20th Century Fox and Sony respectively.

24_movieFOX TV has reportedly been mulling over rebooting two of its key properties. Rumour has it that the network is planning on a new X-Files series as well as a 24 series that will reportedly not be based on Jack Bauer. If this is true, then we could be seeing both franchises take on an all-together different path from the one that was set by the originals. Gillian Anderson revealed recently she wouldn’t mind returning as Agent Dana Scully to the X-Files but these plans may thwart that possibility.

gotham1Batman inspired TV series, Gotham has been renewed for a second season. The TV series will kick off in the third quarter of 2015. Gotham has been a hit for Warner Bros. Television and reportedly became one of the highest-rated fall dramas in over 14 years for Fox, outperforming shows such as The Blacklist and Scorpion among the male demographic.

magneto_xIt looks like we won’t be seeing Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen in the next X-Men movie. Stewart confirmed the news in a recent interview with Larry King. X-Men: Apocalypse will be based in the 80s, which should scupper any plans for both actors to make an appearance. Less of course, there’s a flashback scene which could open the door for a cameo from either actor. It’s long been said that the third instalment will be looking at a new bunch of actors to portray mainstay characters such as Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey. So it may well be a total break away from both franchises with this next one.


In the early 80s, there was a sensational plot to kidnap the Dutch beer tycoon, Alfred Heineken. And now, there’s a movie made about it. Starring Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten and Sir Anthony Hopkins, Kidnapping Mr. Heineken relives that story with the planning, execution, and rousing aftermath of the heist that led to the downfall of the kidnappers. Kidnapping Mr. Heineken is set for a global release this March.

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