Watch The Opening Scene Of Wonder Woman 1984

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HBO Max has released the intro for Wonder Woman 1984, which tees up the DC superhero sequel for fans. As seen in the three minute plus clip, the story kicks off by immersing audiences back to Themyscira with a young Diana Prince (Lilly Aspell) taking part in what appears to the Amazon version of the Olympics.

The flashback scene also features a voice over provided the older Diana (Gal Gadot) and an appearance by Antiope (Robin Wright), who delivers some sage advice, to the young warrior. The clip also ends with several short action sequences that may well be pivotal parts in the movie.

As we all know, Wonder Woman 1984 takes place several decades after the first film. The film not only sees the Amazon warrior taking on two new foes in Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and The Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) but also facing the return of former flame, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently playing in selected cinemas across the country.

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