Watch Conan Crash A Zoom Meeting

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Late-night talk show host, Conan O’Brien decided to crash a Zoom business meeting featuring executives in an actual discussion. Conan showed up announced on the platform in which executives from TIBCO- an American software company – were catching up on a video call as they were worked from home.

In a segment shown on Monday’s “Conan,” the late-night host zinged TIBCO CEO Dan Streetman repeatedly, even going all-out with quips like: “What happened to you, Dan? Remember when you were in a roadie in a band and you had dreams?… Dan, you were great for the company early on when you were hungry, but now you’re too busy putting the TIBCO name on furniture.”

The comedian also playfully offered his own ideas for the company’s improvement, which elicited laughs from the other TIBCO executives on the Zoom video call.

Check out the video above of Conan zinging the staff from TIBCO on Zoom to put a smile on your face during the MCO.

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