Viu Malaysian Originals Premiere This Month

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Viu, the leading regional OTT video service and Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN) announced a partnership whereby, Media Prima will broadcast as a first run, three Viu Originals Salon, Jibril and The Bridge for the Malaysian market in 2018.

This is the first time a regional OTT brand has partnered with Malaysia’s largest TV broadcaster on content for same day airing. The three shows are slated to be released from September 2018 onwards on Media Prima’s NTV7 and on Viu.

viu_salon1At a recent media preview, Viu showcased their upcoming slate with a short look at each of the new series. Salon, produced by Monsoon Pictures, directed by Kabir Bhatia and starring Julia Farhana, Idris Khan and Iman Corinne, will kick start the proceedings on 17th September. The series zeroes in on Anna who opens a new salon that becomes the talk of the town, unbeknownst to her clientele that she harbours a dark past.

A month later, audiences will get to watch Jibril produced by Konda Kondi Studios and starring Aeril Zafrel, Lisa Surihani, Zahiril Adzim and Sangeeta Krishnasamy. The series directed by Megat Sharizal tells the story of a lawyer who possesses exceptional intelligence and an uncanny power of deduction, who is called in to defend a suspected murderer who has ties to a secret organisation. Jibril is slated to air on 22 October.

the bridge viu1Last but not least, Viu’s most anticipated production, The Bridge will drop on 26 November. Produced in collaboration with Double Vision, the locally produced, ten-episode adaptation of global phenomenon, The Bridge, stars Bront Palarae, Rebecca Lim, Cheryl Samad and Tony Eusoff. Directed by TJ Lee, series is centred on a body who is found on the border of Malaysia and Singapore forcing two officers from each country to work together to solve the case.

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