Viu Celebrates International Women’s Day

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“I’m a Woman. Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me.” That was Maya Angelou’s inspirational quote during International Women’s Day.

This is a day where women of all backgrounds stand together towards a movement – no matter what race, religion or nationality fight for equal rights.  It is time where women around the world look back on the progress they have made, demand for a change and commemorate the acts of courage and determination that have resulted in the perception shift of women in our community.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8th – Viu wants you to find inspiration with these five programmes below and their strong leading ladies.

1) I Am Woman
I Am Woman is a documentary-type series that celebrates women as extraordinary modern heroines, battling the stereotype of working in male dominated fields and conquering obstacles by finding strength and resilience through the hardship of being a woman.

What makes I Am Woman so inspiring?
This documentary series showcases women hustling in male dominated fields. Each episode features different women in industries that have historically been male dominated, for example Leona Chin drifting on the race track or Ann Osman, the first female MMA fighter in Malaysia. Watch as they tell their stories about what it took for them to make it.

2) Natsuko Kira in Natsuko Kira
PC_Natsuko_engNatsuko Kira who is a working mother that secured a creative director position at an advertising firm through hard work and her likeable personality. One day, she takes maternity leave to take care of her child. Three years later she returns to work and finds that she’s been placed into the sales department with new colleagues who are wary of her. She longs to be back in her old creative department however, with office politics going on at work and troubles at home – how will she overcome them?

What makes Natsuko Kira inspiring?
It covers the challenges of what working women (especially mothers) are currently facing in the workplace. One of these being the ever present fear of being replaced due to the responsibilities at home, which can affect a woman’s career. Watch how Natsuko overcomes these issues, and aspire to be as determined as Natsuko fights for her rightful place in the workforce.

3) Tian Xiao Ni in Customize Happiness
定制幸福-人物版海报-engTian Xiao Ni is a famous fashion designer at the peak of her career and living life according to this motto: “Perfect Self + Perfect Other Half = Happy Life.” Although she wishes to be in a relationship, she has a list of “18 Standards for Mr. Right” making it almost impossible to find one that checks all the boxes. Even though  she possesses incredible beauty, talent and charm – she remains single. One day, she meets Zhan Wang – an ex professional race-car driver who will make her question everything she has stood for. Will Zhan Wang meet her 18 standards of Mr. Right? Or will Xiao Ni risk forgoing her standards for a partner to achieve her life motto?

What makes Tian Xiao Ni inspiring?

The main character has everything she wants in life – talent, a successful career and good looks to boot – but is missing someone to share her success with. Career-driven women have difficulties in finding a right match where their successes are not seen as a threat. In this series, Xiao Ni is a fashion designer that does not want to compromise her self-worth for the sake of finding Mr. Right and that is what makes this an inspirational story for women. Never settle!


 4) Mitsuko Hoshino in CHEF – Three Star School Lunch
Mitsuko Hoshino works at a world-renowned 3-star Michelin restaurant as Head Chef. Located in Ginza, Mitsuko gets fired after she picks a fight with her restaurant manager. She struggles to find a job until she catches a lucky break and stumbles upon a TV show that is hiring a cook to prepare school lunches for children. but there are setbacks. Can the ex-celebrity chef change school lunches with a gourmet twist and satisfy the palate of picky kids?

What makes Mitsuko Hoshino inspiring?
At some workplaces, women may be expected to take on a passive role and bite their tongues. Mitsuko is forced to face the consequences of speaking her mind. However, instead of letting it affect her, she decides to take risks and do something different by making full use of her culinary skills. There’s nothing more inspiring than having the passion to continuously learn and take bold moves on a huge career change.

5) Bong-Soon in Strong Woman
Strong-Woman-Do-Bong-Soon-engBong-Soon is one of the lucky women who has inherited superhuman-like strength – an ability that is only passed down to women. Enter Min-Hyuk, the CEO of a gaming company who has been receiving anonymous threats and being stalked. When he stumbles upon Bong-Soon and realizes that she possesses superhuman strength, he requests her strength as a bodyguard and promises to  reward her highly if she can protect him. Will Min-Hyuk hold up his end of the bargain and is Bong-Soon able to defeat Min-Hyuk’s threat?

What makes Bong-Soon so inspiring?
An interesting aspect of the show is that superhuman powers are only passed down to women, which promotes women empowerment and beating the typical storyline of women needing to be saved by men. With this unique twist, viewers are bound to cheer for Bong-Soon for being a strong, protective woman who can look out for herself when she’s in danger.

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