Top Five Movies of Summer 2014

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The dust has finally settled on a rather packed and busy summer movie season. And although superheroes ruled the roost at the box-office, there were other films that more than gave the spandex heroes a run for their money. These are our top five picks of summer 2014.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
xmen_days_pastDespite not being under the Marvel Studios banner, 20th Century Fox proved that the X-Men franchise is still in good hands with Days of Future Past. Filled with action, a great story and a pretty seamless connection to all X-Men films in the franchise, Days of Future Past was an intriguing and entertaining yarn that managed to keep most X-fans happy. It also reunited stars from both past and present franchises, which more than kept the fan boy in all of us giddily excited.

godzilla1Ok, some of you didn’t like Godzilla, but we think Gareth Edwards did an amazing job bringing the monster lizard to life. It had a steady pace, great acting and monstrous city-levelling smackdowns, which wasn’t unnecessary and over the top. It was a fitting throwback to what monster movies should be like, and we can’t wait to see the second one.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Cap’s solo follow-up on the big screen came under the radar somewhat and closed out its run with the most noise. The sequel to The First Avenger was a gritty, action-packed espionage thriller that delivered serious ramifications for the extended cinematic Marvel Universe. The Winter Soldier had the Black Widow, an uber cool take on the Falcon and it also made the Captain America cool again – a right about turn from the goody-two shoes from the comics. Salute.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
dawn_apes1Andy Serkis’ mo-cap performance aside, Dawn continued the fine work that Rise of the Planet of the Apes began with its origins tale. Fittingly, it took off several years after the first instalment and it served up an intellectual and inventive story that resolved around tolerance and understanding. And it was also intriguing to see apes running around blowing sh*t up with machine guns.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Building up to its release, Guardians of the Galaxy was already teasing to being a bonafide hit. And it didn’t disappoint one bit. Guardians, to us, was the perfect summer blockbuster film – it had action, character chemistry, great action sequences and an awesome sound track. Guardians took audiences on a two hour roller coaster ride and we dare say, it was the most fun we’ve had staring at a silver screen since Star Wars.

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