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The popularity in island travel has been rising over the past few years with attractions such as cruises, island-hopping trips and local experiences becoming a part of it. A new series Cruise The World on TLC brings together four hosts passionate about the splendid oceans, pairing them off as cruise mates and travel companions on unknown journeys.

On their voyage, they discover new things and experience different activities, meeting new friends and learning about diverse cultural delights along the way.

Episode 1: Taiwan
Cruise the World starts off from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Patty Lee, an up-and-coming host/actress who’s been nominated for hosting and acting in the Golden Bell Awards, takes Food Hero Asia winner Anton Amoncio on a bespoke local tour in Taiwan’s largest harbor city. Patty also challenges Anton to some water skiing at Lotus Pond, a famous Kaohsiung attraction.

TLC_Cruise2Episode 2: Philippines
Praised as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, the Philippines attracts tourists from all over the world with its pristine blue ocean and white sandy beaches. Anton, a new-generation chef, takes Taiwanese actress-model Patty on an eco-journey to Palawan, the last virgin island paradise in the Philippines. Local guide Anton also rolls up his sleeves to cook Patty savory seafood dishes, a feast for the taste buds to go with the breath-taking sunset seascape, treating his best travel companion Patty to top-shelf hospitality and enriching the friendship between the two!

Episode 3: Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a charming metropolis that merges elements from ancient and modern times and blends the east and the west. In Cruise the World, Yvonne Man, journalist/host of Bloomberg TV in Hong Kong takes Michele Lean, television presenter/host of Asia Food Channel to roam around the city. The pair set offs from Seafood Street to shop for dried seafood goods, taking the “Ding Ding” tramway to traverse the bustling downtown market before taking some selfies against colourful street murals in Central and sitting down at a Hong Kong style cafe for a relaxing teatime. The duo explores Hong Kong’s past and present at their own pace.

Episode 4: Hainan
Reputed to be the Hawaii of the Orient, China’s Hainan Island is not only a city made for holiday and leisure but has the largest concentration of high-end luxury hotels in China. In Cruise the World, hosts Michelle and Yvonne are excited to meet beluga whales up close for the first time and are completely mesmerized by their natural cuteness. After a series of resort activities, the duo celebrates their wonderful ocean excursions on a sky bar, toasting to their next unknown journey.

TLC’s Cruise the World airs every Saturday beginning, Jan 19 at 7:10 pm.

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