The Weekly Wrap: Ghostbusters Reboot

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Despite being under a lot of flak from fans, the Ghostbusters reboot is still undoubtedly one of the key films of 2016. With speculation rife there’s a first trailer around the corner, Columbia Pictures has released a first official look at the new ghost busting gang. The Paul Feig helmed comedy, sees Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones posing in their new uniforms. The Ghostbusters reboot also stars Chris Hemsworth and Andy Garcia and is set to open in theatres in July 2016.

Introducing Rocksteady and Bebop
beebop_rocksteadyTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 will have a pair of iconic villains join in the fun. Mainstay baddies, Rocksteady and Bebop are set to cause havoc for Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo in the upcoming sequel. Both Bebop and Rocksteady will be portrayed by Gary Anthony Williams and WWE Superstar and former WWE Champion, Sheamus. The first photo release sees them in their human (pre-mutated form). TMNT 2 is due summer 2016 and also stars Megan Fox, Casey Amell and Will Arnett.

Godzilla Returns

Despite making an epic cinematic return last year, Godzilla is officially back in his first Japanese adventure for over ten years. Godzilla: Resurgence will see the iconic monster return for Toho, the rights holders for the Japanese franchise. In the first official teaser release, we get to witness the mayhem brought upon what appears to be a kaiju attack (or is it Godzilla himself?) via a first person shaky handy cam perspective. Unfortunately there’s no monster to be seen this time, so we can only imagine what Godzilla will look like in this Toho production. Godzilla: Resurgence opens in cinemas end July 2016.

Hot Toys Batmobile
hot_toys_batmobile1Fans of Batman may want to look into ordering Hot Toys’ latest work of art – the all-new Batmobile. The highly coveted collectible is one of the main tie-ins for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and one of the few hot ticket items of the holiday season that’s ironically not related to Star Wars. The 1/6th scale Batmobile features Gatling guns on the front hood and a highly-detailed interior and a slightly worn exterior which hints at a lot of action for Batman’s signature vehicle.

Mark Wahlberg Returning For Transformers 5

Bumblebee loved his new owner.

Bumblebee loved his new owner.

It looks like there will be continuity for the Transformers franchise following 2014’s Age of Extinction. During a recent interview with CinePop, Mark Wahlberg confirmed his participation in the sequel to the 2014 box office hit, reprising his role as Cade Yeager. Speculation points that the next Transformers film will see a changing of the guard with Ultra Magnus stepping into assume leadership from Optimus Prime. The film is expected to take place on earth and in space following Optimus Prime’s quest to find their makers, which was teased at the end of Age of Extinction.

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