The Weekly Wrap: Chloe Moretz is The Little Mermaid

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Universal Pictures have finally found their Little Mermaid and its none other than Chloe Moretz. The in-demand actress will be adding this live action remake to one of her many acting credits, she’s had so far. The 17-year-old will star in the adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale and not quite the modern day Disney tale. Director Richard Curtis is reportedly being scouted to helm the project for Universal.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins The Walking Dead
Veteran actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan who starred in a number of productions such as Supernatural, Watchmen and recently Texas Rising, is set to join the cast of The Walking Dead soon. According to reports, the actor will portray a character named Negan who is a lead antagonist in the comic book series. We wonder if AMC will enforce the same tenacity and gravitas as the comic book character who was a pivotal villain in the series. Morgan is set to appear in the season six finale of the series, which will lead to the core story for season seven of The Walking Dead.

Die Hard Script Ad
die_hard_scriptHere’s how to get your script noticed – take out an advert in The Hollywood Reporter. That’s what an enterprising man did last week. Indie producer and writer Eric D. Wilkinson just made a pitch for a storyline for the next Die Hard Sequel, titled Die Hard Year One with a rather compelling story. Wilkinson’s ad pitch revolved around John McClane being sent to prison for a murder, which he is framed for only to wind up in the midst of a daring escape plan perpetrated by two terrorists.

Snowpiercer TV Series
snow_piercer1The 2014 Indie hit, Snowpiercer looks set to be adapted for television soon. According to reports, the Joon-ho Bong film will be reimagined for TV with a screenwriter already tapped to pen the pilot. The 2014 film set in a post-apocalyptic world, which is wrought by a nuclear winter, depicted a fast moving train that circled the globe transporting a handful of survivors. The film was based on the French graphic novel ‘Le Transperceneige’. It is unknown if the series adaptation will be based on events of the movie in any shape or form.

CHiPs’ Movie Begins
Filming has officially begun on the CHiPs movie starring Dax Shepard and Michael Peña. The big screen action reboot based on the hit 70s/80s TV series. The film will be directed by Shepard as well and will depict the lives of California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers Jon Baker and Frank ‘Ponch’ Poncherello. Filming of the film is currently underway in Los Angeles with a targeted release date sometime late 2016.

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