The Tetris Movie

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We can’t fathom how a Tetris movie would even be like but that hasn’t stopped Threshold Entertainment and The Tetris Company from embarking on a film project that will reportedly run an $80 million budget. What’s even more interesting is both companies are eyeing the project as a trilogy.

The whole idea of a Tetris movie is mind boggling as it’s basically a tile-matching puzzle video game. We’re also not sure if audiences would gravitate towards a video game film such as this seeing how Pixels starring Adam Sandler flopped at the box-office last year.

Still, that hasn’t dampened the hopes of both Threshold Entertainment and The Tetris Company as they’re looking to start production of the film sometime in 2017. It’s also being reported that the film project will be a collaborative U.S.—China production that will boast actors from both nations.

Tetris was created in 1984 by Russian game-designer Alexey Pajitnov. It went on to become a cult-classic in arcades and on gaming consoles the world over.

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