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The Predator franchise has entered the action comedy genre based on the latest film by Shane Black. The results are mixed to say the least because it’s clearly far removed from the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, although there are references to that film and its sequel, starring Danny Glover.

the_predator_trailerThe current film takes place in the present with another alien crash landing on earth, seemingly on the run from another of his species. The Predator crashes somewhere in South America where it crosses paths with a US Forces team, leaving most of them dead.  A sniper survives the attack but he manages to grab some of the alien tech before making his escape.

the-predator-movie-imageHowever there are bigger forces at play in this film, namely a secret government organisation, which intends to study the creature and the tech and a larger evolved Predator alien that shows up hot on the trail of the alien that crashed landed earlier.

What follows next is a mix bag of gore, action sequences, brutal kills and typical Shane Black-esque dialogue. In terms of it being a true Predator film that is far removed from what we’ve seen in all past instalments, as this seems more action comedy oriented compared to previous films, including Predators and the Alien v Predator films.

predator1For fans of the franchise, the end result will probably ‘alienate’ them altogether but as a film on its own, The Predator is entertaining, albeit just mildly. Unfortunately the saving grace for this film is its dialogue and banter with the haphazard plot and storyline as well as the bonkers ending being its biggest let down.

Sadly for the Predator, I believe this will be the iconic alien’s last hunt. The end of the film suggests that the film is headed into B-grade movie territory, much like the Underworld series. This is indeed unfortunate as the original film still, holds up in entertainment value.  But it looks like the next time we see the Predator return, it will likely be on direct to video.

Popcorn Rating: More stale than sweet

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